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Want to Help? Come Get Kisses for Free!

At Sara's Sanctuary, volunteering is an incredibly rewarding experience. Come breathe in the great Pacific Northwest air, work one-on-one with our family of animals, and have a great time!
We welcome individuals or large groups. Our only requirements are that you be an animal lover, and a responsible person ready to make a commitment of your time and energy. >> I want to volunteer! - tell me more!

Alpacas 3
What's required of a Sara's Volunteer? 

A Love of Animals and a willingness to help is key. Other attributes include:

  • Are you someone  who doesn't mind getting dirty? 
  • Do you like to cook?  You can cook at home for the residents of Sara's!
  • Can  you can help in the office with the website, fliers, or helping to make sure our next luncheon and auction are a smashing success!
Hey!  Is that the New Volunteer?  Wow...what a cutie!
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