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We feel so lucky to have the support of these wonderful people in our community. Through their kind-hearted donations, we are able to continue our efforts to provide food, shelter and medical care to our family of animals. We would like to acknowledge and send a sincere thank you to:

Dr. Lesley Kovar from Bothell Pet Hospital.
Dr. Kovar is an extremely knowledgable and experienced veterinarian who has generously provided love and care to our animal's at Sara's Sanctuary.
Dr. Bill Cleveland owner of Bothell Pet Hostpital.
Thanks so much Bill for allowing Lesley to help us! Your wonderful staff is always so accomodating!

D'Arcy Dent, owner of Civilized Nature includes Sara's Sanctuary into all her special events and supports us in so many ways. Civilized Nature promotes products to enhance pet health and lifestyle. Please check out their store for all your animals needs!

Peg Emmons from Net Solutions North America has donated the Website to Sara's.
Shannon De Jong of Cory De Jong's donated our last load of cedar shavings. 
Larry's Market in Redmond has generously donated food to our sanctuary animals for the past four years. Without their belief in our work, it would have been extremely difficult for us to feed the over 200 animals thriving at Sara's Sanctuary.
Larry's Market is under new ownership and their gracious offer to continue philanthropic efforts to support our community of abused animals means so much. We want you to know how much we appreciate your confirmation of our mission to provide for the many abused, and injured animals in our community.
Dr. Ron Inge from Washington Dental Service / Delta Dental.
Dr. Inge is a great supporter of our mission. He generously designated Sara's Sanctuary as the recipient of two of his speaking engagement honorariums.
Shannon De Jong, of Cory De Jong's donated 30 yards of Hog Fuel to keep our paths dry and clean all winter.
Previous Grants awarded to Sara's Sanctuary
Seattle Foundation  - 2002/2004
Thank you!

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