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If I surrender an animal to Sara�s Sanctuary, may I come and visit it?


Once an animal is surrendered to Sara�s Sanctuary, it will remain here for life.  There are 200+ animals currently being cared for at the sanctuary, many of which have arrived here either injured or abused. Because we rely on an all-volunteer staff to care for the special needs of our animal residents, our primary responsibility must be to the animals that call the sanctuary their home. Sadly, we do not have the volunteer staffing to accommodate visits from former owners or someone who has brought in an injured animal.      


We don�t want an �official� tour. We want to just come, walk the grounds, see the animals and take photos. Is this okay?


Unlike a zoo, Sara�s Sanctuary is an animal rescue.  Most of the animals that live at Sara�s Sanctuary do so because they have been injured or abused.  Our utmost concern is for the safety and well-being of the animals, and to minimize any undo stress in their lives.
Animal behavior can be unpredictable at times. Because many of the animals roam the property freely, this is not a safe place to visit. This is for your safety and the safety of our animals. If you would like to arrange for a pre-scheduled tour, you can do so by visiting our website�s Tour category.        


I have dropped off a disabled or abused animal to the Sanctuary. How can I help?


It is very costly to provide the medical care, food and shelter for each animal living at Sara�s Sanctuary. The sanctuary survives only by the goodness of people who love animals, believe in our cause, and are willing to donate and volunteer on our behalf. We are solely dependant on donations to support the sanctuary.  We need your help by sponsoring your animal each month. Please refer to our website�s Sponsor category to help us provide for the animal you have dropped off.


Since I�m surrendering my expensive, exotic animal to the sanctuary, won�t it become an asset for the sanctuary?


We make a commitment to feed, create housing, and care for every animal surrendered to us. Your exotic pet has no monetary value to the sanctuary, and quite the contrary, it becomes a lifetime financial commitment to Sara�s Sanctuary for its care.  Please refer to our website�s Sponsor category to help us provide for your surrendered animal.

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