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We love our animals!  We can't help it!  It's what gets us up in the middle of the night to tend to a sick animal and it's better than caffeine! We hope you will consider sponsoring an animal or a group of animals. We'd also be grateful for anything you could donate from our donation wish list.  We always need something because something is always happening at Sara's! 
Not sure which animal rescue to donate to?  There are a lot of us out there and we're all committed to our cause.  Here's a list of things to consider when you're researching an Animal Rescue or thinking about adopting a exotic animal or any pet.
Please alter your pets. All pets should be spayed or neutered. They are at Sara's Sanctuary, with the exception of birds - all eggs laid are removed.
Babies should NEVER be born at a responsible sanctuary unless the mom comes in pregnant.
Is the Sanctuary you're considering sponsoring a true 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation?  How much of the money raised is going toward helping the animals?
If you think you want an exotic animal or any pet for that matter, PLEASE do your homework first.
Want an Exotic bird? Birds are a huge comittment and an enormous amount of expense and work.
There are so many birds that have been bred in captivity, that could supply you and everyone you know with a bird for the next fifty years! There are literally thousands of birds that need good homes.  Please do not go out and buy a bird! ADOPT TODAY!

Wallaby at Saras Sanctuary

Simon the Skunk and Peter Cottontail
Simon the Skunk and Peter Cottontail
Our Wallaby and His Best Friend
Wallaby and Lionel
Simon the Skunk
Simon Loves Soaking Up the Sun!
Simon and His Toy
Big Al the Emu
Betsy the Chinchilla Is As Cute As She Can Be!
Erika Has a New Lease on Life at Saras, Thanks to All the Sponsors!
An Unusual Scene - Emus and A Miniture Horse Laying Together
Krusty Kristy is a Sulcata Tortoise.
The Only Critter at Saras That Doesnt Eat!!
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