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Meet Some of the Sanctuary's Wonderful Residents!

The stories that follow were made possible by the incredible partnership between Terri Miner, founder of Sara's Sanctuary, and veterinarian, Lesley Kovar, DVM, of the Bothell Pet Hospital.
Terri considers meeting Lesley to be one of the most fortunate things that happened to her and the sanctuary's animals. Not only is Lesley a highly skilled vet, she is an extremely compassionate and empathetic human being. Lesley handles the animals with all the sensitivity and kindness that these traumatized creatures deserve.
The common goal of stewardship the sanctuary animals shared by these two women has involved hours of research, consultation and devoted veterinary care. The results have been the amazing recovery of animals.

Although not all of the animals that come to the sanctuary live long lives, they are all given the best care possible for the length of time they have left. Those who meet and care for them, even if only for a short time, are touched.

The Sanctuary was founded on the belief that the animals in our community are in our care. That care means a responsibility for the safety, well-being, and quality of life for all animals.

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