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'It All Has A Beginning

The Sanctuary is a place of hope for animals who would otherwise be forgotten, and be living a life of pain or abuse, or, as is often the case, would not be alive at all. As difficult as this is to think about, it is even more difficult to think that without the dedication of the people at Sara's Sanctuary, the Sanctuary might not exist at all.  
Terri, Dennis and friend!
Terri Miner, Founder of Sara's Sanctuary
Some people just have a way with animals...Terri Miner is one of those people.  She started Sara's Sanctuary in 1998, in memory of a faithful, loving dog named "Sara."  Three years later she met Dennis Bunten.  As their relationship grew, the animals at Sara's knew they had two very dedicated people working for them tirelessly. 
In the years since Sara's Sanctuary was founded, Terri and Dennis have worked together building the sanctuary into the haven it is today.  Terri is the full time caregiver. Dennis is the craftsman that builds their pens and homes. 
Together, with a wonderful team of volunteers, Sara's Sanctuary provides a warm, loving home for abused and injured exotic wildlife, farm animals and birds. These animals feel so safe and protected - even animals that  wouldn't ordinarily socialize together spend time together at the Sanctuary. A pig and a raccoon share a bed, an emu and a minature horse lay side by side in the sun. These are truly heart-warming sights. If you would like to be part of a unique and incredibly rewarding experience, please visit our Volunteer page to read about our volunteer requirements. If you aren't able to volunteer but would like to support our mission to care and comfort these animals, you can donate directly to Sara's Sanctuary.
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