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We have housed hundreds of animals at Sara's Sanctuary. Each animal picture tells a story. If our animals could talk, you would hear them say how much they love their forever home, and how much they would love to have your sponsorship and help. On the following pages you will see some wonderful pictures of the residents at Sara's Sanctuary!

A Perfect Fit

Do you know an animal lover that has everything?... everything but a tortoise or a monkey? Why not sponsor an animal for that person! It makes a wonderful gift that gives 3 ways: you feel good giving such a great gift, the recipient is thrilled, and the sponsored animal loves it too because they continue to receive the care they deserve at their forever home, Sara's Sanctuary!
Sponsoring an animal can be a family project, and what a wonderful gift!
A church group, bridge group or any social group can sponsor an animal or a group of animals as well. 
We house many different critters at Sara's Sanctuary... and have taken hundreds of pictures.  On the following pages you will see some wonderful pictures of the residents at Sara's Sanctuary.
Email Sara's at today for more information, or click below to sponsor an animal using our secure PayPal link. 
Hi there! I am Big Al!
Hi there! I am Big Al!
Enjoying a Sunny Day at Saras
Big or Small...Saras Has Us All!
Hey!  There are Some of Us Here That Fly Too!
I Need Some Starch For My Ears...
I Just Washed My Feathers and Cant Do a Thing With Them...
Hangin Out at Saras is Fun!
I am Pogo the Opossum!
I am Riley, the Genet
Barn Buddies
Savanna the Serval Munching Lunch
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